Aloha Owners and Residents,

In the last few weeks we have been experiencing problems with the incorrect disposal of garbage and recycling.

We are requesting that you please assist us by placing items that need to be disposed of in the correct places.

Cardboard boxes have not been broken down and are merely left on top of or next to the cardboard dumpster across from E/F Building.

Or cardboard is being placed in the garbage dumpsters and in not in the dedicated cardboard dumpster.

Please see guidelines below on recycling:

  • Cardboard (Across from E/F Building) – Please break down, cut, or flatten every size of box. Milk and juice cartons and wax-coated cardboard are not allowed.
  • Glass – Please discard lids and corks, and rinse clean. No need to remove labels.
  • Newspaper – including inserts. No need to tie in a bundle. Magazines, mixed paper, “junk” mail, and shredded paper are not allowed.
  • Plastic bottles – with necks only; please discard caps and step on them to make them flat. No plastic food tubs, clam shells, plastic wrap, trays, eating, utensils or cereal box inserts.
  • Green Waste Only (Across from L Building and Y-Z Buildings) – The 2nd dumpster is used only for green waste–no garbage or recycling.

Please refer to section 7.8 of the House Rules that refers to Trash Disposal.

Items such as furniture and appliances may not be disposed of in the trash enclosure areas or in the dumpsters.

These need to be disposed off property.

Mahalo for your help on this and for working together for our community.

Steven Berger 

Site Manager




Disposal of Garbage and Recycling