Power Washing Guidelines for Lanais

Owners are welcome to arrange for the power washing of their back lanais. We encourage owners to coordinate power washing in order to benefit one another.

A few guidelines:

1.) Upstairs units must coordinate with their downstairs neighbor. This may be challenging as several owners are not full time residents; but view this as an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

2.) Please advise your power washing company to use caution with any protruding edges. The ledges, and other ‘decorative’ edges are made of styrofoam underneath the stucco. It is important that caution be used during the power washing process in order to prevent puncture of the stucco. This is of particular importance if a red zero tip is being used.

3.) If a puncture does accidentally occur, please notify the Site Manager immediately.

Though you will be responsible for the patch repair of the stucco, it is critical that we maintain the exterior integrity of the building for water soundness as well as for the prevention of insect infestation.

Q: “Has the AOAO explored the idea of owners putting solar panels on building roofs?”
A: “The Board may explore this option when it is time for tile roof repair, which is currently scheduled to happen in three phases beginning in 2025 through 2027.”

Q: “Will electric vehicle charging stations be implemented?”
A: “There are different levels of charging, including Level I, Level II, and a DCF Charger. As of 2018, the costs for installation range from $3,000-$60,000. The maintenance be expensive as well. The impact on the AOAO is in the potential loss of parking spaces and where the stations would be located. A legal review may be required as well. At the current time, there is no significant demand for these stations and the Board has determined it is not a necessary endeavor to pursue.”

Q: “Will the Board approve cutting down a tree on the property to improve my view?”
A: “Our landscaping crew works diligently to ensure that the beautiful grounds of Wailea Fairway Villas are always improving. The Board’s position is that the AOAO does not cut down trees on property to improve views.”