These Rules of Conduct have been adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that: (1) The behavior of members in the audience will be orderly; (2) to allow the business of the meeting to be conducted in an expeditious manner; and (3) to allow each attendee to be heard.

1. As required under Chapter 514B-121 (d), Condominium Property Act, of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, this meeting “… shall be conducted in accordance with the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order ….”

2. Smoking shall not be permitted in the meeting area.

3. Cell phones should be turned off or put in vibrating mode.

4. This is a private meeting and attendance is restricted to owners, proxy holders, representatives of the Managing Agent, and guests invited by the Board of Directors. All other attendees may be asked to leave.

5. There shall be no videotaping or other electronic recording (except for the production of the minutes) of any part of the meeting unless first approved by a majority of the members at the meeting.

6. Members of the audience desiring to speak must stand, state their name and unit number, and be recognized by the Chair.

7. All remarks shall be directed to the Chair. In other words, speakers shall not address their remarks directly to other members of the audience.

8. The speaker’s remarks shall be limited to the topic under discussion, except for the open question and answer section of the agenda.

9. If it is deemed necessary, and at the Chair’s discretion, a time limit may be imposed on each speaker. Generally, this time limit may be 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the number of speakers and the time remaining to adjourn the meeting.

10. Speakers should relinquish the floor when asked to do so by the Chair. If the speaker refuses, then the Chair may call for an immediate recess and/or adjournment.