We urge all owners to recycle. Here is all the information you will need to do your part in helping our community “Go Green.”

  • Cardboard (Across from E/F Building) – Please break down, cut, or flatten every size of box. Milk and juice cartons and wax-coated cardboard are not allowed.
  • Glass – Please discard lids and corks, and rinse clean. No need to remove labels.
  • Newspaper – including inserts. No need to tie in a bundle. Magazines, mixed paper, “junk” mail, and shredded paper are not allowed.
  • Plastic bottles – with necks only; please discard caps and step on them to make them flat. No plastic food tubs, clam shells, plastic wrap, trays, eating, utensils or cereal box inserts.
  • Green Waste Only (Across from L Building and Y-Z Buildings) – The 2nd dumpster is used only for green waste–no garbage or recycling.