Bowman Termite & Pest Control Schedule (Last Thursday of the month)
All Dates Start at 8:30 AM
January 26 J-R
February 23 S-Z
March 30 A-H
April 27 J-R
May 25 S-Z
June 29 A-H
July 27 J-R
August 31 S-Z
September 28 A-H
October 26 J-R
November 30 S-Z
December 28 A-H
*Dates are subject to change based on weather/equipment/staff.
Pressure Washing Schedule
Month Building
January S-Z
February A-H
March J-R
April S-Z
May A-H
June  J-R
July S-Z
August A-H
September J-R
October S-Z
November A-H
December J-R
*Schedule is subject to change based upon weather and projects that may take precedence over pressure washing.