Complete House Rules

House Rules

Summary of House Rules


3.2 Number of Occupants. No Owner or Tenant shall allow or permit occupancy of the Apartment to exceed two persons per bedroom.

3.4 Limitations. No Owner, Tenant or other Occupant shall (a) accept compensation from a guest for the use of the Apartment, or (b) operate a rooming house or boarding house by providing, in exchange for compensation, room and/or board to a person who is not a member of the immediate family of the Owner or Tenant.

3.6 Children. Each Owner shall be responsible at all times for the conduct of the minor children of all Occupants of the Apartment and shall ensure that the behavior of such children is neither offensive to any Occupant of another Apartment nor damaging to any portion of the common area.

6.3 Owners/Tenants Absent. The Owner or Tenant shall be present whenever a guest is in the Apartment overnight. Owners and Tenants may allow guests to use the Apartment in their absenceā€¦ provided (a) each adult guest agrees to, and does comply with the Governing Documents and these Rules, (b) each guest registers within forty-eight (48) hours of arrival, (c) no compensation is paid to the Owner or Tenant by the guest, or for the benefit of the guest; and (d) there is not a relationship between the Owner and Tenant that would result in the use of the Apartment being construed to be a taxable fringe benefit under the laws or regulations pertaining to federal income taxes.

7.18 No child or other person shall play on walkways or stairways, or in corridors or parking areas.

8.4 Recreation Center Usage. Persons under the age of thirteen (13) years shall not enter or use the Recreational Area except when accompanied by an adult Registered Occupant. A minor who is at least sixteen years old may use the Fitness Center when accompanied and supervised by an adult Registered Occupant.

10.4 Quiet Hours. After 10:00 P.M. and before 8:00 A.M. each Occupant (a) shall make every reasonable and practicable effort to prevent noise that can be heard outside of the Apartment, (b) shall play radios, TV’s, stereos, etc., at reduced volume and only within the confines of the Apartment, (c) shall not use vacuum cleaners and, (d) if, in a second floor unit, shall not use washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers.

10.6 Profane Language. The use of profane or abusive language, or abusive behavior is not allowed within the Project.

11.3 Pets. Guests or Occupants, other than Owners and Registered Tenants, shall not bring pets into the Project. An Owner or a Registered Tenant may keep, and allow the members of their immediate family to keep, up to two (2) pets per Apartment, but only if (a) he or she has delivered to the Site Manager a completed and signed Pet Registration Form (b) the pet is licensed as required by law, (c) the pet has received all inoculations required by law and/or the Association, (d) the pet has not attacked or injured a human or another pet, (e) the owner of the pet and the Owner or Registered Tenant agree in writing to (i) indemnify the Association from and against all claims, judgments and liabilities for personal injury or property damage caused by the pet, and (ii) to comply with any conditions imposed, and (f) the Site Manager has approved the pet.

20.5 Vehicle Registration. Owners and Tenants shall complete and file with the Site Manager prior to or concurrently with the commencement of any occupancy of an Apartment, a form containing the name of the registered owner, automobile model, color, make and license number of each vehicle, operated by an Occupant of the Apartment that will use the Project parking lot. Parking decals may be issued and if they are, the decal must be affixed to the right side of the bumper and displayed when parked in the Project overnight. Guests shall similarly file and display a temporary permit (hangtag) if their vehicle will be parked overnight for two (2) or more consecutive nights.

21.2 No Smoking. Pursuant to the Bylaws of the Association, smoking is prohibited on the lanais, within 25 feet of any building or in any common area.