Monkey Pod Tree Trimming

Aloha Owners and Residents, The tree trimming crew from Island Plant will be on property on Tuesday October 13 and will be working on trimming the Monkey Pod trees for the rest of next week. As they move through the

Disposal of Garbage and Recycling

Aloha Owners and Residents, In the last few weeks we have been experiencing problems with the incorrect disposal of garbage and recycling. We are requesting that you please assist us by placing items that need to be disposed of in

Water is back on

Aloha Owners and Residents, The plumbers turned the water back on just after 3pm. They worked very quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your patience as they we were working on this. The work on the asphalt patch is scheduled

Work at Building X

Aloha Owners & Residents We will be demolishing one of the concrete pads on the sidewalk at Building X, on Monday September 21, 2020. The vendor will work as quickly as possible to complete the work and unfortunately there will

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