DWS Free Toilet Replacement Program

Aloha Owners, We have amazing water, and cost saving opportunities through the Department of Water Services here on Maui. The DWS offers a FREE Ultra High Efficiency Toilet replacement program, as well as the replacement of faucets and shower heads

No Water on the Property

Aloha Owners and Residents, There is currently no water on the property. According to the County of Maui Department of Water Supply, this is due to the mainline water break that occurred in Kihei yesterday. Apparently the “tanks” need to

Landscapers working on Saturdays

Aloha Owners and Residents, Our landscaping team will be working on Saturdays for a few weeks to catch up on weeding, trimming and to carry out work on our irrigation system. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue

House Rules pertaining to Smoking

Aloha Owners and Residents, Just a reminder of the House Rules pertaining to Smoking. Please see below: 21.0 SMOKING (ADDED 1/11/2012) 21.1 State Law.  Pursuant to Hawaii law smoking is prohibited in the Recreation Area, as it is deemed to

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