Aloha Owners and Residents,

Please be advised that we have dedicated Mondays as “spraying days” on the property.

Therefore any insecticide, herbicide or pesticide that is needed on the property will only be used on Mondays.

We also have 2 new team members as Irene and Hermie are no longer with Island Plant Company.

They have been replaced with Nenita and Sipriano.

On May 7 and 8 we have planned to “scalp” and cut the grass right down on the car park side of Building S and on the sides of the beginning of the path on the way to Building T.

This is being done in order to get the grass to grow back from the roots as it is currently too high and as a result this is causing various problems in those areas.

Please note that these areas will not be aesthetically pleasing for a few weeks while the grass grows back up and is green again.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we go through this process.


Steven Berger

Site Manager


Landscaping Updates